Condolence & Memory Journal

This world was never made for someone as beautiful as you.. Still can't believe it., Miss you in the smallest detail of my life ..

Posted by Nada Wardan - Jounieh - Family   October 04, 2020

This is mid-September 2020 and I just today learned of Salim's death. He was a brilliant and wonderful person. I worked closely with him on the paper that garnered the ASTM Hogentogler Award. I still reflect on some of our conversations as I do my work today. He was the one who convinced me to write the date in the form: YYYY-MM-DD for file names because in a directory of files, they would automatically sort by date...the computer scientist/physicist/engineer in him was a joy to behold.

Posted by Vincent Drnevich - West Lafayette, IN - Coworker   September 17, 2020

Rest in piece my dear friend. I was blessed to have your friendship for decades. We will remember you for years to come. My sincerest condolences to your wife and family. -Marcel and Claudia

Posted by Marcel Georges - Woburn, MA - friend   June 18, 2020

Dear Ai Lean,
After reading all the comments in his memory book, it reminded me how fortunate I was to have had the opportunity to meet Salim several times when you kindly let me stay at your home (probably about 10 years ago). Just like you, he showed real concern for the people around him, and I felt very comfortable having dinner and chatting with him and you, in your living room and in restaurants. As you still feel his presence at home and in your heart, I will also retain the memory of the kind person he was. Please let me know if there is anything I can do and I am hoping to see you sometime soon either remotely, outside, on the court, or any other place.

Posted by Kozue Miyama - Amherst, MA - Friend   May 11, 2020

Ai Lean, I am so sorry for your loss. I very much wish that I had had the opportunity to meet and get to know Salim. From all that I read here, he was an incredible human being - accomplished, kind, brilliant, loving, humble. I'm happy that he was in your life and I know that you will carry him in your heart forever. I only just learned of his passing, indeed, even of his existence in your life, today from Yvonne. Please know that I am thinking about you and hope that we will be able to get together sometime in the not too distant future. Let me know if I can be of help in anyway ... such a hard time for you.

Posted by Beth Sopka - Boston, MA - Friend   May 07, 2020

Stunned by this, and so sorry for your loss, Ai Lean.

Posted by Wayne Sydow - Framingham, MA - Friend   April 24, 2020

You are in our thoughts, Ai Lean, at this time of loss and sorrow. Dave and Barb Mitchell

Posted by Dave & Barb Mitchell - Fairhaven, MA - Friend   April 24, 2020


Dear Ai Lean,

Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to you and your family during this difficult time.

Sincerest sympathies,
Dave & Celia Danehy, Nobscot S&PS

Posted by Dave & Celia Danehy - Marlborough, MA - Friend   April 24, 2020


Jim and I were saddened to learn of your loss, Ai Lean. We send you our love and prayers at this very sad time for you.
Dot and Jim Mello

Posted by Dorothy Mello - Westborough, MA - Friend   April 23, 2020

Salim was my cousin and my best friend. Even than when we were growing together he was very quiet and you would never know what he was thinking or what he wanted to do. He used to invite us all to play cards, about 10 or more of us, in the boiler room under their house as it is warmer in the snow season. You would never know if he is winning or loosing as he never showed his emotions, I don't remember a day I saw him angry. He was always a quiet achiever. He doesn't argue and he is a good listener, but he will do what he wants, hard to convince as he would help everyone but does not ask for help.
That is the Salim I knew 40 years ago and I miss now.
Cousin Tony Semaan Melbourne Australia.

Posted by Tony Semaan - Melbourne - Family   April 21, 2020

I received the news of Salim's passing not only in disbelief but also with an emotional sense of sorrow and sadness. I and my brother Jimmy had spent many years with Salim as apartment roommates in Boston in the early 1980s. He was a very considerate and accommodating friend and university classmate, who always went above the call of duty to support people in need. Salim had a sincere trait of humility which he exemplified in frequently using the word Tashtesh, which is Arabic for Chill Out. He was fixated on software development despite studying towards a degree in Civil Engineering. I clearly remember the many overnight work marathons that he accompanied me on, never leaving his home desk until that complicated software routine was programmed and successfully tested. He had tremendous pride in what he was working on and never complained about anything. He was simply always self content. I do hope these and other fond memories of Salim remain with us all and create a sense of eternal affinity to what he believed in and stood for. I take this opportunity on behalf of my family to extend sincere condolences to Salim's family - his wife, brothers and sisters, and their families. May he Rest In Peace!

Posted by Raymond Khoury - Kfarhbab - Friend   April 20, 2020

I still can't believe that you are gone. I am so proud of you Salim, it meant so much to me when I read what your friends, colleagues and relatives think and feel about you. They left me nothing to say. I remember the times we have shared, those times of long ago that we spent together before you came to the states, that only you and I could know. I remember one time I had a car accident and you insisted on you taking the blame. You were this kind of person, always giving and caring for others and without a single word. Your actions were always kind. You were always anxious to please others, and a faithful friend. People always say that there was a reason you passed away, and that time will heal. You know why? Because no one knows the heartache that lies behind our smiles. I thank God that you were my brother and wish for everyone to have a brother like you. You will always have a place in my heart that no one else can fill. Life will never be the same, yet it comforts me to know that one day we will meet again.
Rest In Peace dear Salim and please don't forget to say hi to Mom and Dad.

Posted by Edward Wardan - Hadchit - Brother   April 19, 2020

we were very lucky to know such a unique person, spreading love, peace and serenity without a single word. Vacations spent in lebanon (especially in hadchit) were precious, we had a wonderful - quality time, we will miss you deeply .
Ai Lean, thank you for showing too much love, devotion and care around the clock, your presence indeed reduced the pain

Posted by Marcelle Wardan - Lebanon - Family   April 15, 2020

I saw you a few hours before you passed away and you opened your eyes and waved at me. After reading the tributes paid to you by lived ones and friends I could not have said it better. I want to say it again; you were a wonderful son in law and I will miss you dearly - Love Mom

Posted by Gai Chee    April 14, 2020

I only had the pleasure of meeting Salim few times but I know he was a loving brother and uncle to Alda, Johnny and Roy. I know his kind smile and warm heart will be missed by all of us.
I am so sorry he was taken away so soon but I pray he is at peace now.
My heart goes out to you during this difficult time. Sending you love and strength.

Posted by Iman Zaghloul - East walpole, MA - Family Friend   April 14, 2020

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delightKahlil Gibran. Salim, forever my dear friend, a kind, brilliant, humble, and soulful introvert. Your measured words were always filled with wisdom and generosity; your wit inspired much laughter, and your contributions to Geocomp from its genesis to where it is today have been extraordinary. Your compassion knew no bounds and I am so grateful to have known you in this world and look forward to a reunion in the next realm. God bless you in heaven and my condolences to Ai Lean. Alexander, Hillary and I send our love.

Posted by Victoria Marr - Santa Fe, NM - Friend   April 14, 2020

My uncle was the most humble man I know. He was quiet, a man of few words. You didn't know that he was extremely successful. You didn't know that he was smarter than you. What you knew is that he always had faith in you no matter what the circumstances. You knew that he would always support you no matter what. When others doubted you, he stood by your side and encouraged you.

My love for cars came from Salim. He always drove a sports car and could talk for hours about cars. My love for computers and engineering came from Salim. He had all the latest technology in his house and as a kid rummaging through the house what more could you ask for to play with. He was the kind of man that would sneak you presents with a wink and sly handshake. He was the kind of man that would support an entire family tree and not say word. He never asked for help, he only gave it.

May he rest in eternal peace. May he be remembered by his kindness and faith in others.

Posted by John Srour - Lexington, MA - Family   April 14, 2020

It is difficult for me to process this loss. Salim was brilliant, very kind, and made me laugh. Starting as my supervisor 15 years ago, he had a great impact on me and I learned a lot from the meticulousness of his work.
I will very much miss him. My sincerest condolences to Ai Lean and family.

Posted by Gida Zikas-Bernard - Newton, MA - Coworker   April 13, 2020

Words cannot express how saddened we are to hear of your sudden loss. Our thoughts are with you.

Posted by CK & Precila Lai - Littleton, MA - Friend   April 13, 2020

Rest in eternal peace my cousin and Freind
I'm glad I get a chance to come and visit to give you a hug see your smile I suppose to stay only 15 minutes but I stayed for almost one hour you were so happy to see me and hear my news
After I left I cried and I felt it was a goodbye

Posted by Zeina Wardan Abdo - MA - Family   April 13, 2020

As we always used to say to each other, Gooooood morning', I am so deeply saddened to now say goodbye. You were the reason I looked forward to going to work every dayeven though I made sure never to talk to you until you had your coffee first. I learned so much from you, Salim not just in engineering, but what it means to be a genuinely kind and caring human being. I feel blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to work with you and know you. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Rest in peace, my friend.

Posted by Carolyn Conlee - Lincoln, MA - Coworker   April 13, 2020

I will remember Salim as the quiet coworker that helped me tremendously as a young engineer. Salim's ability to listen to my questions and to see past my immediate challenge, but help me see the real issue was a gift and has helped me throughout my career. I will miss him.

Posted by Ryan Drefus - Evanston, IL - Coworker   April 13, 2020

I got to know Salim in 2007 when I was in grad school conducting research using equipment that he had created. He was on the phone helping me for days when I desperately needed it.Later as colleagues, he remained the one person that I could count on every time when I needed help, guidance or just wanted to vent. I loved our chats about work, cars, music, state of the world and anything else really. He was intelligent, humble, kind and caring. He was my friend and I miss him greatly.

Posted by Kaveh Zehtab - Boston, MA - Friend   April 13, 2020

I always considered myself lucky to share these distinctive features with both my dad Eddy and uncle Salim: calm, collected and focused on what's ahead. They set an example through their dedication to their family and profession and I hope to one day accomplish half of what they have in that regard.

I was constantly fascinated by uncle Salim's devotion to his work and generosity towards everyone he cherished, yet he never forced his methods or beliefs on anyone nor expected recognition for his many acts of kindness.

You worked incredibly hard uncle Salim and left behind countless family members, friends and coworkers who loved you as well as works and academic papers substantiating your work ethic and intellect. I'll strive everyday to do the same.

Thank you for everything, may you rest in peace.

Posted by Eddy Junior Wardan - Beirut - Family   April 13, 2020

My sincerest condolences to Aileen accompanied with prayer for comfort, and to Eddy.

Posted by SALIM BAISSARI - SYDNEY AUSTRALIA - Friend   April 13, 2020

Dearest friend, you left a hole in my heart that will take quite a long time to heal. I was so looking forward to seeing you and celebrate our 60th together with our wives. I will miss you terribly. My only consolation now is your voice in my ear when I last spoke to you at Christmas. You only said: just a sore back. I was never to hear from you again to finalise our plan. Rest well dear friend.

Posted by SALIM BAISSARI - Sydney Australia - Friend   April 13, 2020

I worked with Salim for almost 20 years - he was a kind, intelligent and generous colleague. From Day 1 he helped me to learn many new and complicated concepts. He made a very positive impact on my career, and he will continue to be a source of inspiration in my quest to be good at life. He will be missed immensely.

Posted by Robert Nyren - Acton, MA - Coworker   April 13, 2020

It is said that angels are sent from above, but we always had you "Salloumi" our angel. You are the most loving, compassionate, kind person I've ever known. I know you are happy and no longer in pain. Don't be scared to trust in God, He will welcome you in his arms and mom and dad will be there to escort you to his side. God really needed you that's why you couldn't stay.
you are my idol.Your memory will be cherished forever.
(Don't forget to save me a place next to you, you know how I always like to tag along )
Your beloved little sister and her family, Alda

Posted by Alda Srour - Lexington, MA - Family   April 13, 2020

Goodbye Humble Guy
What can I possibly say that would do you justice? It would feel strange to write here and glorify your many virtues.. You definitely had plenty, but you really wasn't the show off type.. You never complained. Ever. You left us much too soon, but you left with an incredible model of how to live our lives.. You could fill any role given to you.. My Big Brother.. My Champion.. My Support.. My Biggest Fan.. The Best Uncle ever.. and least but not last The One always behind me..
I love you Salloumi and will always do .. ❤❤❤
You Humble Guy

- Tabbouchtak Nada

Posted by Nada Wardan - Jounieh Lebanon - Family   April 13, 2020

So hard to lose the go to guy at work, who I have relied on for the last 20 years. I am heartbroken for all of Salem's family, for their loss of a true gentleman. Kindness, humor and intelligence. I have been blessed to have known Salim, and relied on his assistance. He was always there for me, and will I miss him dearly.

Posted by Nancy Hubbard - Hubbardston, MA - Coworker   April 12, 2020

Rest in peace. You were a winderful son in law. Love Always Mom

Posted by Gai Chee - Framingham, MA - Family   April 12, 2020

My acquaintance with Salim spans 14 years when I joined Geocomp then. A man of very few spoken words however he was very kind hearted and always ready to help and often asked me if i needed help. He genuinely showed that he is concerned about his fellow co workers welfare. I miss him and wish his last journey to the highest abode to be a peaceful one.

Posted by Ramu BOLLAPRAGADA - ACTON, MA - Coworker   April 12, 2020


Rest In Peace, my love. Thank you for sharing your life, your love, your kindness, your generosity and your genius.

Posted by Ai Lean Lim - Spouse   April 12, 2020